Equasion’s consultants are senior individuals with proven experience in business and technology. Whether your team needs supplementary expertise for short term or long term mandates, our team is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of your project requirements.

Equasion invests significant time interviewing individuals, qualifying their project and work experience, verifying technical competency as well as measuring interpersonal fit and communication skills to fully understand how our associates successfully apply their trade to make an immediate and ongoing impact with you.

Our consultants must have a minimum five year’s industry experience to receive an interview. To engage new consultants, we most often rely upon direct recommendations from individuals well known to our management / recruiting team.

Our associates work in all phases of the system development life cycle (SDLC). We believe our resource evaluation process is one of the most extensive in the industry. Through extensive interviews with the individuals, their clients and peers as well as our existing resources, all our members represent a core group with the highest calibre of expertise, personal integrity, professional ethics and commitment to quality.